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Shipping Nic To Australia

Shipping Nic To Australia

Shipping To Austrailia

You can import electronic cigarette, PG ( propylene glycol ) , VG ( vegetable glycerin ) , Liquid Nicotine and e-liquid base into Australia under the Personal Importation Scheme. You cannot buy e-liquid containing nicotine in Australia itself so therefore you must order them from outside the country and have them imported. However, you can purchase e-liquid containing nicotine from overseas companies such as EJC LabYou are allowed up to 3 months supply at any one time and in a 12 month period you are allowed 15 months worth of product on your person at any one time. 

There is no import prohibition from customs on electronic cigarettes with nicotine for personal use. Also, there are no customs fees for orders under $1000 AUD.




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